My Offerings

Healing is a journey.  It's not linear.  You won't learn how to heal from a quote or a video, you have to do the hard work.

Trauma Workshop -12 Week Commitment

Trauma is any experience that is deeply disturbing or distressing to a person. We all have trauma. We all store and process trauma in different ways, or not at all, allowing it to manifest into issues with our mind, body and soul.  We will work together to process our trauma in a healthy way and move from a victim to a SURVIVOR.

Guided Meditation

One on one guided meditation sessions will promote emotional health and enhance self awareness. These classes are designed for anyone that would like to find inner peace and a sense of calm.

Group Meditation

Group meditation will give you a sense of harmony and increase feelings of empathy. When we participate in a group you are able to feel and understand the emotions of those in the group around you. The group setting will allow you to meet other people and really connect. You will receive the benefit of loving and subtle peer encouragement.

Free Peer Support Group

Every Friday at 7PM PST I will be on zoom for any survivors of Military Sexual Trauma. This is a peer led group that offers small activities each week with time for discussion.  Hope to see you there!



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